""CRYSTAL""serial passenger lift utilizes the advanced  "CRYSTAL" elevator control technology advantages. It produces fully computerized variable frequency speed control lift with the modularized control through the continuous absorption,transformation and elevation. Its advanced variable frequency (VVVF) drive and fully computer control technology merges with the data net system and modularized structure. It brings about a more precise, efficient, flexible and reasonable systematic control. It also adopts the most effective self inspection program to give a full play of the lift functions. It moves the lift performance to a higher level . It truly satisfies the passengers requirements. "CRYSTAL" serial passenger lift is of the flexible and varied car design. It can integrate with multiple constructions into a whole. It is especially fit for the demands from the rapidly increasing demands from medium and high rise buildings. It is a most ideal choice to the guest house, restaurant, office building, commercial and residential buildind, recreation center,shopping center etc